ATV winch Ultimate Buying Guide

In the last decade, ATV winch has become hugely popular. They can be used for various activities in the fields where there is frequent hauling or hoisting activities being carried out. Not only can these ATV winches haul loads, but they can also help you get out of a sticky situation. Without them, you might not be able to pull your vehicle when it gets stuck in mud.

ATV winch Buying Guide

How to Choose the Best ATV Winch?

Remember to look out for the following when you decide to purchase an ATV winch:

  • Rope material:

These winches can come in steel cables or synthetic ones. While the steel ones tend to be stronger, they can be fatal to everyone around, if used in situations which are too extreme for them to handle. The synthetic ones are less durable and are considerably light. So choose the one that best suits your needs.


  • Safety Measures:

Several safety features are built into the winch for the protection of the device as well as the user. The remote control feature is specially handy because it keeps the operator in a safe distance.

  • Price:

This is a universal factor. Now generally, the more expensive ones are the ones that are more sturdy and user friendly and keep safety a priority. Choosing a cheaper winch might make you feel sorry when it fails in the worst case scenario. So pick the one with the best price-performance ratio.

  • Line Pull:

This is an extremely important factor and indicates the weight that your winch can pull off. Make sure you choose the winch that can pull the weight of your ATV and its cargo and the weight of every other accessory.

  • ATV Riding Goals

ATVs or All Terrain Vehicles are good to have when you need to be quick and fast. For example, making sharp turns in the woods and when you have to get on or off the vehicle to load or unload cargo. Driving them is a physically demanding task and the driver needs to use balance to control the ATV.

Although they’re cheaper than the UTVs, they’re getting more developed these days with power steering, four-wheel independent suspension and several other modifications.

There are several types of winches that you will get in the market. The electric winch will use the battery of your vehicle as its power source. Hydraulic winches get their power from the hydraulic system of the power steering pump.

When it comes to the gear trains of the winch, there are 2 types of gear trains for electric winches. The planetary gear train creates more heat and gives you a faster cable pulling speed. The Worm gear train gives out lesser heat and thereby, a lower speed.

On the basis of the line which gives you an idea of how much weight the winch can pull, you get winches which have a steel cable or a synthetic rope. In this case, you need to choose one as the situations in which they will be used. While the steel cable is stronger, it is also more dangerous.

  • ATV Winch design:

The winches are designed for a specific purpose - they create a force that pulls one object towards another using a cable or rope. It operates in such a way that it pulls the lighter object. So, if your ATV gets stuck in mud, secure the rope from your winch to a heavy object such as a huge tree. Then engage the winch.

As it draws in the rope, your ATV gets pulled out of the mud.

  • Reliability of an ATV Winch

ATV winches are extremely reliable and prove to be a boon when your precious ATV gets stuck in a muddy terrain. ATVs are generally used when the rider has to be very nimble - navigating sharp turns, finding way in the woods and stopping frequently to load and unload cargo.

As such, ATVs are prone to getting stuck in mud and that creates a major problem for the rider.

A winch helps you get your ATV out of that situation as fast as possible. However, several factors over here play an important part. If your winch has a steel cable, it is an extremely strong one, but refrain from using it for weights that are too extreme for your winch. If the cable snaps, the results can be fateful.

  • Comfort and Ease of Use:

Traveling outdoors in your ATV, you do not have to worry about your vehicle getting stuck in mud, water, ice, rocks or any other tight spots. If such a sticky situation arises, you can pull your winch out and get your vehicle out on the road. Even snowed-in areas can be easily cleaned using winches. When you are going off-road through mud trails, you need to be prepared for the unexpected. An ATV winch is easy to carry and simple to use and helpful in getting out of tricky situations.

  • Portability:

Most of the ATV winches that are available in the market today are extremely portable. This is because they are made to be used outdoors, so portability is an important factor that ATV winch manufacturers keep in mind while designing this product. They are generally lightweight and most of them can be used in remote areas where electricity is a major problem and they can operate in any weather condition.

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