Are you looking for a new and Best ATV battery? Did the old one die and left you just hanging there? You might own a great ATV but without a compatible and up to the mark battery, your ATV is as good as a heavy piece of metal.

Now, you might wish to buy a new battery for your ATV but there are so many options to choose from. Being confused is only natural. Nevertheless, we are here to help. Below is a list of batteries we have shortlisted for you to choose from. This list contains the very best ATV batteries available in the market and it will surely help you find the best battery for your ATV.

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The technical specifications of Yuasa YTX14-BS are extremely impressive. With 200 CCA and 12 amps per hour power, it surpasses many available competitors. The battery delivers optimal reliability by delivering 12 volts power.

The battery is completely sealed which eliminates the possibility of any kind of leak or spill. The Yuasa YTX14-BS is very durable and you need not look into changing or even servicing it for years to come. Once properly installed, the battery will not be affected by the movement and vibration your ATV causes while driving.

The battery is maintenance free which makes it a very optimal choice. You need not add any water to the battery ever, but just keep in mind to keep the battery charged. If we compare the Yuasa YTX14-BS to other traditional batteries, we find that it has advanced lead calcium technology which increases its battery gravity by 3 times and keeps the battery intact.


  • Reputed manufacturer gives you an assurance of good quality product
  • 200 Cold Cranking Amp which is very good
  • 12 amps per hour power
  • Maintenance free battery that does not require water refill anytime
  • Tightly sealed battery that does not cause leakage or spill
  • Long lasting batteries which can be used for at least a couple of years to come


  • The battery is said to be big in size and hence may not fit in many of the ATV models. Therefore, you need to check if the battery is compatible with your ATV before you make a purchase.
  • Also, complaints have been voiced by a few users that the battery is weaker compared to its competition available in the market.

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This is a very good choice according to the specifications. However, you need to check its compatibility with your ATV model. With impressive technical details, the battery can easily cater to your needs for a good amount of time.

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YTX14AH 12V is an Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) rechargeable battery. If we look into details, AGM and SLA batteries have the same chemistry. YTX14AH 12V comes already charged and sealed. Further, the battery is maintenance free and is ready to install.

A premium Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology battery is very good for ATVs when compared to conventional (traditional) batteries. They do not cause either spillage or leakage from the battery body.

You don’t need YTX14AH 12V to be installed in a particular format due to its AGM technology. You can install it in any angle you feel like and there will be no leakage thanks to the completely sealed battery body.

The YTX14AH 12V comes with a 1 year warranty. The manufacturer also has a 30 days return policy. So if you don’t like the battery, you can return it within the stipulated period of 30 days without any questions.


  • Voltage is 12 volt which is the standard
  • 210 Cold cranking Amps which is incredible
  • 12 amps power per hour
  • Can be fixed at any angle without any leakage or spillage
  • YTX14AH 12V is maintenance free and does not need your regular attention
  • 1 year warranty and 30 days money back guarantee
  • The YTX14AH 12V has a wide temperature operating range which makes it a good choice in multiple climatic conditions
  • Resistant to shocks and vibration caused during driving


  • Positive to left and negative to right side polarity which is reverse

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You will love this battery for its great specifications and add-ons like 1 year warranty and 30 days money back guarantee. Just keep in mind to check compatibility.

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ADX14AH-BS is a completely sealed and spill-proof AGM battery. This battery is a good choice for an average user and can last for a good period of time. The battery also doesn’t lose its high voltage as it is heat sealed.

ADX14AH-BS does not need any refilling of water as it is maintenance free. The plates inside the battery are sulfation resistant. Sulfation can reduce battery life and sulfation resistant plates increase the battery life.

The ADX14AH-BS is shipped fully charged and is ready to use. High quality materials are used to manufacture ADX14AH-BS. This battery might actually exceed your original ATV battery and is capable of lasting longer. Discharge rate of ADX14AH-BS is very low.


  • 220 CCA and 12 Amps per hour capacity
  • Spill and leak proof due to its heat sealed technology
  • Maintenance free with no additional water to be added
  • Advanced lead calcium technology used makes the plates to resist sulfation
  • 30 days money back guaranty and 1 year warranty
  • Ready to use status as the battery is sent fully charged
  • Nuts and bolts included in the package


  • The square nuts sent along with the battery are not easy to hold while threading in

Our Word

The battery is good and provides all the expected benefits to the user.

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YTX14-BS is a rechargeable lead acid type battery. It is made with AGM technology and is completely sealed. The battery is leak proof and hence it does not cause loss of electrolytes in the battery. There is no evaporation which may lead to environmental hazard.

AGM batteries with sealed lead acid technology are considered one of the best types of batteries available in the market. The YTX14-BS High Performance - Maintenance Free - Sealed AGM Motorcycle Battery is a maintenance free battery like most of the AGM batteries.

Best quality materials are used to manufacture YTX14-BS. The batteries are subjected to rigorous testing at regular intervals to make sure that the product is of the highest quality.

Chrome Battery - the manufacturer aims at pleasing its customers with a good quality product with no potential shortcomings at a reasonable price.


  • Battery is maintenance free but may need charging if you keep the battery aside for a long period of time
  • The battery is manufactured using AGM technology which is superior to the conventional technology
  • No leak or spill in the battery
  • Heat sealed battery
  • The YTX14-BS comes with heavy duty terminals and has a good improved life cycle
  • 200 CCA, 140 Watts and 12 Amps per hour
  • 60 days money back guarantee
  • 18 months warranty which is great for a battery
  • Impeccable design and good quality material that prevents battery corrosion or leakage
  • Ready to use factory charged battery


  • Polarity is backward. From left to right
  • Terminals are not threaded which may cause a bit of problem
  • Compatibility issue with few models of ATV
  • May loose the factory charge quickly and you might have to put it on charge once again

Our Word

The battery is good and the 18 months warranty along with the 60 days money back guarantee makes the deal even sweeter. Make sure to get the battery installed and working as soon as you receive it or else the battery may lose its charge.

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Lithium-ion based batteries are a great option to choose from as they have many positives and very few negatives to deal with. If we talk about BTL09A120C Lithium-ion phosphate battery, according to the manufacturer the battery is in the market to replace all the AGM, sealed, and conventional batteries.

The BTL09A120C Lithium-ion phosphate battery will at least increase the battery life by 50%. The battery is light weight and high on power. It requires less space and can fit easily on your ATV. It is good for any kind of power sports vehicle and is compatible with almost every type of ATV.

Lithium-ion batteries are less stable but lithium-ion phosphate batteries are more stable compared to the former. Life cycle is longer due to higher cycling capabilities. The BTL09A120C Lithium-ion phosphate battery is completely sealed and can be mounted at any angle on your ATV. It weighs less compared to the traditional batteries present in the market.


  • Shelf life of BTL09A120C Lithium-ion phosphate battery is 18 months
  • It is at least 80% lighter in weight than the conventional batteries in the market
  • Up to 70% lighter when compared to lead acid batteries
  • Life of BTL09A120C Lithium-ion phosphate battery is 5 times more than lead acid batteries
  • No sulphation occurs in BTL09A120C Lithium-ion phosphate battery
  • Quad Terminals are configured for better and easy installation
  • 2000+ deep cycles at 80% depth of discharge
  • Does not have any problem working at high temperatures
  • Requires less space (at least 25% less) than the lead acid batteries


  • Not suitable for cold weather
  • Needs to be charged with a lithium charger when first bought
  • A bit expensive compared to AGM batteries

Our Word

The BTL09A120C Lithium-ion phosphate battery has promising specifications and may come handy in hot temperature areas. However, it is not good for cold climate areas. It also requires a lithium charger for the very first charge. If dealt with the few noticeable drawbacks, the battery can do really well in the market.

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Yuasa YTX20HL-BS battery is one of the highest performing batteries. Yuasa is a very highly trusted battery manufacturer and it provides quality products to the buyers which keeps its name reputable in the market. The Yuasa YTX20HL-BS battery is a maintenance free battery with 12 extra plates per battery when compared to the regular standard AGM batteries.

The cranking power of Yuasa YTX20HL-BS battery is also very good. With 330 CCA the battery surpasses your needs to run a regular ATV without any trouble. The maintenance free feature of the battery means you don’t need to keep regularly checking the battery. These batteries are not only good for ATVs but also ideal for lawn mowers, scooter, motorcycles, personal watercrafts, etc.

The Yuasa YTX20HL-BS battery is spill proof and doesn’t allow any content from inside of the battery to leave the body. With advanced lead calcium technology, the battery gets started pumped up when properly charged initially.

Yuasa YTX20HL-BS battery can hold voltage for a longer period of time compared to conventional batteries and it also does not require charging while on standby mode. This saves a lot of your time and money. You don’t even need to charge the battery when you want to store it, for e.g. winter season storage.


  • 310 CCA making the battery very powerful
  • Maintenance free and sealed battery
  • Yuasa brand name
  • Spill proof increasing battery life
  • Retaining high voltage even during storage mode
  • Does not need charging during standby mode#
  • Resistant to vibration and pressure
  • Contains 12 extra plates compared to conventional batteries
  • Acid is absorbed in special plates and AGM separators
  • 1 Year manufacturer warranty
  • Replaces: YTX20L-BS, PTX20L-BS, GT20L-BS
  • Acid pack included


  • The battery is not charged but acid pack is included. So you will need to put a bit of an initial effort to charge the battery.
  • Once the acid is installed the battery cannot be returned.

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The Yuasa YTX20HL-BS battery ranks among the best batteries and can withstand harsh climatic conditions. You just need to learn how to add the acid inside the battery and you will have a gold level working battery.

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Another great product from Yuasa is the Yuasa YUAM6220C YTX20CH-BS Battery and a top ATV battery in terms of customer satisfaction. This battery has a 270 Cold cranking amp which is good for any ATV and many other power sports vehicles as well. There’s a bit of technical know-how you need to keep in mind before you decide to buy this battery.

You need to check the level of fluids in the filler tube and adjust the level if needed before you pour the acid inside the battery. If not done correctly, the battery can fail prematurely. So pay attention and do as follows:

1) Check if the levels of electrolytes in the filler tube are equal. If they are equal, you are ready to put the battery to work.

2) If not, then you must slowly and repeatedly keep rotating the applicator tubes from flat to upright position and if needed, even the upside down position until the levels are matched and equal.

If you follow the above instructions, then the battery is good to go and you will likely not have any complaints for many years to come.


  • 270 CCA making it a very suitable option to opt for
  • 12 volt and 18 amp per hour capacity
  • Maintenance free and sealed battery
  • No need to refill the battery with water
  • Spill proof battery structure retaining all the acid. Acid retained is absorbed by AGM separators and special plates
  • Advanced lead calcium technology increases gravity of the battery 3 times
  • Acid is supplied in a bottle to avoid any hazard
  • 12 months manufacturer’s warranty


  • Lack of instructions in the manual about installation

Our Word

Read the mentioned steps carefully before installing the battery and you are good to use the Yuasa YUAM6220C YTX20CH-BS Battery.

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8) Battery Tender BTL14A240C Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

BTL12A240C Lithium Iron Phosphate battery is another battery in the Lithium based category. The manufacturers have done a really good job in reducing the size of the battery which in return makes the battery easier to install and increases its efficiency.

The BTL12A240C Lithium Iron Phosphate battery comes with a 3 year warranty which is outstanding. It is very hard to find another product in the market with similar size and such great warranty. The battery has 4 terminals which makes it easier for you to hook up the cables to and activate the battery without much trouble. Owing to the four terminals, you can connect the battery in any direction you want.

The BTL12A240C Lithium Iron Phosphate battery is highly durable and has a very low discharge rate which makes it stand out from the rest of the crowd. The battery does not require any maintenance and is even environment friendly as it does not contain any acid in it. The longer warranty period proves that the battery does not die any time soon adding to the ‘go green’ factor of lithium based iron phosphate batteries.


  • Easy to carry and small in size making it portable and easy to install
  • Suitable for majority of the ATV models available
  • 3 years warranty
  • Very light. Less than 2 pounds
  • Eco Friendly
  • No polarization
  • Max charge rate 10 amp
  • 2000+ cycles and 80%+ depth of discharge


  • A bit expensive compared to its counterparts
  • Not recommended for long continuous usage
  • Warranty is 50% off after the first year with original receipt

Our Word

If you wish to go green, then this is the choice you need to opt for. This battery is quite good in its category and serves the purpose well.

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This is the third battery from Yuasa in our list, thereby proving the quality Yuasa produces. Yuasa YUAM6230X YIX30L-BS Battery is a very powerful battery which is worth every penny spent on purchasing it.

The battery is shipped with a separate acid bottle. It comes along with the battery but in a different plastic multi-tube container. The plastic bottle is sealed, so when you line up the bottles to the container you need to give it a small push to break the seal open and pour the liquid inside the battery.

After the acid is installed inside the battery, you must not close the cap of the battery. You need to trickle charge the battery at 3 amps for at least 7 -12 hours. Do not jump start charge using the cables.

The Yuasa YUAM6230X YIX30L-BS Battery is 12 volt, so when you have completed the installation and charging part, do check the battery with a voltmeter before placing the cap on it. If the voltmeter shows 12v minimum then you can cap it or else keep trickle charging it. Read the user manual properly before putting the battery to any use.

Nut to connect the terminals of the battery with the charger are sent along with the package.


  • 385 CCA: Highest by far on our list.
  • 12 Volt and 30 am per hour capacity
  • Tightly sealed and spill or leak proof
  • Maintenance free and need no adding of water
  • Acid bottle supplied in a separate plastic container
  • 3 times gravity compared to traditional batteries because of lead calcium technology
  • 12 months manufacturer warranty


  • Need to install acid to make the battery work
  • Small parts of the battery can be misplaced if not taken care of

Our word

The Yuasa YUAM6230X YIX30L-BS Battery is very powerful and efficient. Apart from the hassle of installing acid inside the battery, the battery has no drawbacks. The installation problem is very minute for anyone who even has a little of experience. This is another quality product from Yuasa.

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Our final product recommendation and yet again it is a Yuasa. Yuasa YIX30L-BS AGM Battery is an AGM battery and has impressive technical specifications that can attract anyone to buy it. As it is an AGM battery, it is maintenance free and does not need water to be added to the battery.

Advanced lead calcium technology increases the gravity of the battery. Due to this technology, the battery can stay alive for a longer period of time between use mode and standby or storage mode. One of the finest install and forget battery, Yuasa YIX30L-BS AGM Battery is a fine example of power packed technical specification and quality material.


  • 385 CCA
  • Maintenance free and spill proof battery
  • Has a longer life than any conventional battery of same category. This battery discharges at a low level when kept in storage mode.
  • Acid is sent in separate plastic multi-containers to prevent any harm
  • Acid is absorbed by AGM separator
  • 12 months manufacturer warranty


  • Battery is not returnable once acid is installed
  • Does not come pre-charged
  • Expensive than other counterparts

Our Word

The battery does its job well and does not bug the user for any maintenance or upgradation.

Types of Battery

Below is a list of different types of ATV batteries that you can find in the market:

Absorbed Glass Matt battery: One of the best options available in the market, Absorbed Matt Glass Batteries is the first choice of many users. It is also known as AGM battery. AGM batteries might be a bit expensive that it’s other counterparts but it still is the first choice as it does not degrade as quickly as other batteries. In AGM batteries, a specially designed glass mat is used for wicking electrolytes.

Wet Cell Battery: Wet Cell Batteries consist of a combination of sulfuric acid and water inside the battery body. There are two types of Wet Cell Batteries: 1) maintenance free, 2) serviceable

Gel Cell Battery: Gel Cell battery consists of a silica battery inside and the electrolytes are suspended. Gel Cell Battery has a lower discharge rate than a AGM battery.

Lithium-ion Based Battery: These batteries are phosphorous based batteries that are greener and long lasting batteries. They are non-toxic and maintenance free as well.

Technical Specifications

If you are a beginner you might feel the technical details to be overwhelming. But it is important for you to know and understand. You must know the important terms when it comes to batteries so that you can choose the best one for your use.

Cold Cranking Amp: Cold cranking Amp is a measurement of amps produced by your battery when it is at 0 degree Fahrenheit. It is also called CCA as abbreviation. Knowing the CCA of your battery is important if you are living in an area which is cold and has snowfall. If the CCA is higher for your battery then you can rest assured that it will not cause any trouble getting started even if the temperature is cold.

Cycle Life: Cycle life refers to the total number of charges and discharges your battery can handle without any trouble. If the number of Cycle Life is high then you can be satisfied that your battery has a long life span.

Amp Hour: Amp Hour refers to the number of amps an ATV battery can supply in an hour. It is also known as AH.

Initial Activation of New Batteries is Critical

Batteries are basically acid and electrolytes, and hence are dangerous and easily damageable. So there are a few things you must keep in mind when you buy an ATV or its battery. If you have bought a new ATV, then keep in mind to tell the dealer to trickle charge your ATV’s battery for at least 7-10 hours between 1-3 amps depending upon the capacity of the battery. Also, bear in mind that the battery should be charged using a charger specially designed for ATV batteries and not any car battery charger.

If the dealer tries to convince you by saying anything like:

1) “The battery gets charged once you fill it with new acid in it”

2) “Our dealership uses rapid charging so it will take not more than hour to get your battery charged. Don’t worry”

3) “Take the quad for a ride and the battery will be charged automatically”

…or anything similar to the above comments mentioned, refrain from falling in that trap and insist on getting the battery trickle charged by a smart charger at the recommended settings before the battery is put into service.

Proper activation of your battery is very important to avoid any damage to the battery. It is astonishing to know that the battery can lose its substantial capacity permanently if it is not activated as needed. You don’t want to lose the capacity of your battery when you are winching your vehicle out of the swamp or when you have decided to plow the snow on a cold day.

You must allow adequate time for the electrolytes to be properly soaked into fiberglass matting before you even start to apply charging voltage to it. You must keep a keen eye on the flow of proper current and voltage for the battery to be activated properly. Smart charger specifically designed for ATV batteries must be used while activating the battery initially.

There are certain battery chargers available in the market that are specifically designed to charge an ATV or a power sports type of vehicle which are known as ‘smart’ chargers. You should use these charges to charge your ATV battery for the first time. They tend to do charging at the right voltage when correctly set up by a technician. 900mA range which is what a low current battery tenders is not adequate for initial activation of a battery. Once the activation is done, this voltage is fine to maintain the battery.

Sulfation and de-sulfation

Sulfation is the collection of hard lead residue on battery plates making the part of battery where it settles useless. In easy terms, we can say sulfation is like cholesterol of the body that slowly increases and makes the plates useless and reduces the current producing capacity of the battery.

It shrinks the capacity of the battery over a period of time and then after too much sulfation has occurred inside the battery, the battery is not able to produce enough current to even start the engine.

There are certain complex chargers available in the market that can help you apply de-sulfating voltage cycle to the battery. If you want to break the sulfation and mix the sulfur ions back as acid to the electrolyte a heavy voltage current is required.

These de-sulfating chargers are costly and usually only dealerships purchase them. The chargers systematically apply de-sulfation voltage cycle to make your battery reusable. However, no amateur should use it as there are risk of explosions and permanent damage to the breathing passage, skin, and eyes.

Other Factors to Consider

There are a few other factors in addition to the technical specifications you must consider before buying an ATV battery:


If you are buying a new battery, look for one that will not nag you very often for maintenance. A maintenance free battery is the choice to make if you want your battery to be in top notch shape without putting any effort from your side.

Mounting Options

Look for mounting options in the battery. You should be able to hook the battery in the right position in your ATV.


Compatibility is a must. Before making any purchase make sure that the battery you have shortlisted is compatible with the ATV you are looking to attach it to. If the battery is not compatible, there is no sense buying such a battery. Keep in mind to check the size of the battery and type of connectors it needs.


Make sure you do a thorough research before buying yourself a battery. Check reviews of batteries to know what is best for you. Learn about the opinions of other people to know the pros and cons of the battery you want to buy.

There are really only 3 Battery types on ATVs

We use various terms such as “Maintenance Free”, “Sealed” and “Gel Cell” etc. to compare the battery types. However, the most common types of battery technology form that is used on an ATV can be categorized into just three parts:

1) Conventional Battery

2) Absorbed Glass Mat Battery

3) Lithium-ion Battery

All other terminology used while comparing batteries are nothing but different ways of describing these battery types.

If we talk about conventional battery types, they have been around in the market for the longest period of time. AGM batteries are comparatively newer ones while Lithium-ion batteries are the latest additions.

AGM batteries were created by Honda PowerSports after spending a fortune on R&D, but they are the most prevalent battery technology on ATVs, personal watercrafts, motorcycles and snowmobiles. Almost 100% of the time, people are talking about AGM battery technology if they are talking about batteries from a manufacturer on a powersports vehicle.

In the battery design of AGM battery, all the electrolytes are absorbed by the fiberglass pads which are compressed between the negative plates and positive plates. AGM batteries do not have loose acid when properly activated. AGM batteries do not dry out when used normally as their insides are not exposed to the atmosphere that may lead to drying of the acid.

While talking about conventional batteries, they need extra acid that must flow above the positive and negative plates. Conventional batteries needs to be filled with distilled water whenever the plates are found dry as the plates can get damaged pretty quickly if not covered with water.

One thing is worth noticing is that the basic technology in both the batteries is the same irrespective of the manufacturer. Quality of the battery varies from one manufacturer to another. Talking about lead-acid batteries, there is no good proven track record of manufacturers when we check them on quality metrics.

If we compare AGM batteries to conventional batteries then surely AGM will have an upper hand. If we check cranking between AG and conventional batteries, it can be found that AG s have higher cranking capacity for a common weight. Further, they do not need distilled water to be refilled every now and then as its conventional counterpart needs.

You can install an AGM battery at any angle you want which is not the case with Conventional battery (Only after proper activation can an AGM be installed). If we compare AMP hour rating, AGM batteries again win the competition.

Finally the game winner between AGM and Conventional battery is that AGM batteries as it also does not require to get refilled again and again. The vapors of the mix present in the battery is contained and re-mixed into the electrolyte as part of design.

Like any other battery there are a few disadvantages to the AGM battery as well. AGM batteries are very sensitive to activation and you need to pay attention to activate the battery properly. If not activated properly, AGM batteries can get damaged easily. They are a bit expensive when compared to conventional batteries.

If you think “maintenance free” means no work at all then you are highly mistaken. You need to charge the battery as you will need to for any other type of battery, so maintenance free only means not refilling the battery. Further, an AGM battery requires different and complex equipment when compared to conventional battery to charge and to even activate the battery.

Lithium-ion Battery and its benefits

If you assume that the type of battery you use for powering up your ATV vehicle does not matter as long as it works, you need to think again. Lithium-ion batteries are phosphorous based which makes them safe and long lasting than the regular traditional batteries available in the market. Lithium-ion battery is a cost effective and smart choice if the consumer is able to find the best compatible battery for their ATV.

Below are 4 points that you need to know before you buy a new battery for your ATV:

1) A Lithium Battery Is Safer

Lithium Batteries are considered the safest option available in the market as they are fire retardant and non-explosive unlike other batteries present in the market. There might be some cases of short circuit but they are negligible and the battery has stable chemistry which prevents its surrounding from any damage.

2) A Lithium Battery is Long Lasting

A lithium-ion ATV battery is a bit expensive when compared to other lead acid batteries but it lasts longer than the other counterparts making it a smart investment choice that gives you good returns in the long run. Also Lithium-ion batteries are considered maintenance free and hence you don’t need to worry about servicing the battery regularly (keep in mind to trickle charge it).

3) Quick Charging

Lithium-ion batteries take only a couple of hours to get charged depending upon the size and weight of the battery while lead acid batteries need to go through multiple charging sessions to attain its full capacity. Also it is very important to consider that lead acid batteries can get charged up to not more than 80% without getting damaged.

4) A Lithium Battery is Green and Efficient

A Lithium-ion based battery is non-toxic as it does not contain any rare metals that can prove to contaminate the environment when disposed. Further, due to its longer life cycle the batteries are not frequently disposed.

These batteries are light in weight and take less space on your ATV making it go faster without adding additional weight to the ATV.

Most Common Mistakes with ATV Batteries

Most of the battery buyers assume that their ATV batteries will not last more than a year or two which is incorrect. Any modern day powersports battery should last at least for 4 years and there is a good possibility that with basic care the battery might even last 6-7 years. Here we will list certain common mistakes that users make with batteries:

1) Parking your ATV without being absolute of the battery being charged

You must know that sulfation is a permanent and very frequent problem with a battery. It can happen as frequently as every week if the battery is not taken proper care of by leaving it uncharged. To get rid of sulfation, a de-sulfating charger is needed which sends de-sulfating voltage to the battery making it work again. However, these chargers are expensive and not available everywhere. If sulfation has happened many times to your battery then you may not be able to even start your ATV when needed. So it is very important to take care of your battery and prevent it from sulfating.

Your battery can experience minor to complete failure damage if you operate your ATV in the following ways:

i) If you leave your vehicle lights on for a long period of time without starting the engine

ii) If you use the battery to winch your ATV regularly

iii) If you regularly plow snow using your ATV battery

iv) If you keep the power key of your ATV on without starting the engine

v) If you use sprayer attachment on your ATV

2) Storing the ATV with battery still installed

Keeping the battery installed on your ATV even when not in use is not a good idea. It is best practice to disconnect the battery from your ATV if you plan to leave it in your garage without using it often. Almost all the modern ATVs have quiescent current draw that draws low current from the electrical system continuously. This draw of current can easily kill the battery within few months or sometimes even in few weeks. Hence you must always uninstall the battery if you plan on parking the ATV for some time.

To avoid short circuit always disconnect the negative battery cable first. After disconnecting your fully charged ATV battery, keep it in a dark and cool place until you use it again.

3) Use of Tap water to fill conventional Batteries

Seriously, never ever use tap water to refill your conventional batteries. Tap water consists of minerals which may be useful for human body but it is not the case when it comes to batteries. When tap water is added to a battery, the minerals present in the water starts to format when current flows through the battery. This formation makes the positive and negative plates of the battery useless. Further, if the molecules of minerals build up formation together at the base of the battery and short negative and positive plate together, your battery will not work again as fine as it used to do.

Therefore, it is better to use distilled water to protect your battery from any damage. Remember it is better to be safe than to be sorry unless you want to buy a new battery every couple of years.

4) Never Use Car battery charger to charge an AGM battery

When it comes to car batteries, weight and size of the battery is of no concern while charging it. However, the case is not the same with ATV batteries. Therefore, chargers made for car batteries are of no use to the AGM battery. There are specific chargers designed to charge an AGM battery and those should be used in order to avoid any damage and waste of time.

AGM batteries need high voltage to charge and have a higher gravity acid which is not present in a normal car battery. Further, there is no trickle charging in many of the car batteries. This will result in the AGM battery losing electrolytes through safety valve. As the battery does not need addition of water on regular intervals, the electrolyte that is cooked is gone forever which in turn will greatly affect the battery capacity. Be brand centric while buying an ATV battery charger to prevent your battery from any damage.

5) Sealed is not the same as Maintenance Free

Considering an ATV battery as maintenance free is a big mistake. Unlike cars, ATVs have a weaker charging system and are not regularly used and kept parked for even months at a time, and hence their battery needs maintenance charging in order to be in working condition. The same goes for any powersports vehicle you have.

6) Buying from Non-Trustworthy Dealers

This is one of the biggest mistakes a buyer can commit. Always buy your ATV battery from a trustworthy and reputed dealer. Make sure the model of your ATV is compatible with the battery and find a provider that is committed to serve you and is experienced in maintaining and servicing the battery whenever needed.


The list of batteries provided by us is the best of the best we could find in the market. These batteries are tested and have proven to be less problematic than other batteries available in the market. You need to choose the battery you find suitable according to your needs.

It all comes down to you and your needs. The type of ATV you have and its compatibility with the battery is a must. You do not want to waste money on a battery that you cannot install on your ATV. Bear in mind that the Do’s and Don’ts provided above along with the common mistakes will help you as a guiding light. So understand those points and benefit from the knowledge shared here.

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