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What happens when you are out exploring the outdoors with your ATV and you get stuck in rugged terrains, or perhaps what happens when you only want an excellent power tool for pulling a broad spectrum of heavy items? Well, Introducing the Champion Power Equipment 3000 lb winch that is designed to provide powerful and reliable winching power especially for your UTV or ATV as well. You no longer have to worry about ineffective pulling systems such as ropes, and you no longer have to worry about being stuck in the mud while exploring the outdoors. It’s important to note that since the advent of the first power-winch to hit the consumer market, the typical feature set of some these things has been improving and is simply amazing. For instance, this tool comes with a broad spectrum of pulling features including the powerful pull line, super-duty aircraft cable and a permanent motor among various other notable features as well.


Champion Power Equipment 3000 lb winch review

Let me discuss how this winch help you in this following review.

Whom this product designed for?

The first important feature of this power equipment is the fact that it provides solid performance features to make it an excellent addition for any outdoor enthusiasts. To be specific, the special latching system and the 1HP power magnet motor makes it ideal for people who own automobiles such as ATVs and UTVs as well. Furthermore, with its special pulling capabilities, this unit can also be used to pull items such as wild game and even as a winch for pulling boats. All you simply need to do is to integrate the latch system and use the remote to activate the functionality of the unit. The highly ergonomic design of this Champion power tool makes a portable addition to when exploring the outdoors with your automobile.

Champion Power Equipment 13004 3000 lb. ATV/UTV Winch Kit (12V DC)

Powerful – 3000 lb. Max rated line pull and 1 HP permanent magnet motor

The first important feature of this power winch is that it features an outstanding 3000 LB pull, making it the ideal solution for a broad spectrum of functionalities such as for pulling your ATV. What is more is that the pull line provides optimal strength and durability to the rugged conditions of pulling your automobiles. Besides that, an excellent 1HP power magnet that guarantees endless pulling power for the winch and it also helps reduce the effects of motor damage. This is because the magnet motor has regenerative capabilities, thereby reducing the need for constant recharging

Bonus Accessories – Roller fairlead, mounting channel, handlebar mounted remote control

The manufacturers of this unit further demonstrate their affinity for excellent by including various addition features for added using convenience. By the same token, the roller fairlead is built to provide sufficient room for storing the line pull, and it conveniently positioned for simple accessibility. For instance, the special mounting channel helps to ensure that the winch stays in the correct position regardless of the pulling conditions. Furthermore, the mounting channel allows for convenient integration with the automobile while the handlebar mounted remote control provides additional user convenience. When pulling the power line in and out.

Champion Power Equipment 13004 3000 lb.
49 ft. super-duty aircraft cable with rugged, latched clevis hook

Further lending to the superior design of this Champion Power Equipment is the fact that it comes with a 3000LB max rated line pull to make it ideal for various pulling conditions. Aside from that, this cable is designed to incorporate the heavy-duty quality of aircraft components as well. With well over 49 ft of pulling cable, users are sure of a safe pulling distance and pulling capabilities even when stuck in remote environments. The inclusion of the well-positioned latched clevis hook lets you hook this Power winch to your ATV or any other automobile for convenient pulling results.

Efficient planetary gear and dynamic braking systems

To further provide users with excellent pulling capabilities, this Power Winch comes with a highly efficient planetary gear to provide efficient pulling power for your unique needs. In particular, the efficient planetary gear is a crucial aspect of the pulling capabilities of this unit. Furthermore, this unit also provides dynamic braking features with the use of electric traction motors to provide excellent braking power. This type of braking system also provides efficient use of braking power by regeneration the unused power to the supply line of the winch.

  • This power winch comes with dynamic braking systems
  • It also features a mounted remote for pulling the line in and out
  • The permanent magnet motor provides long-lasting power
  • This unit provides 3000Lb pulling power and durable design for long-lasting results
  • It comes with a robust aircraft cable and latched clevis hook
  • It takes time to set up this unit on your ATV
  • The permanent magnet motor will require replacement at some point

The permanent magnet motor will require replacement at some point

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Q. Can this power winch be used as a boat trailer winch? My 15 FOOT 1000LB skiff is on a roller trailer?

Ans: Yes, this works perfectly with that and it would still a use a chain for tailoring since the winch brake won't withstand high forces

Q. What else do you need to mount unit to the rafter such that I can pull wild game?

Ans: We recommend that you purchase some pre-drilled mounts, bolts, and a hacksaw

Q. Is this switch replaceable and does this winch comes with remote?

Ans: Yes the switch is replaceable, and yes, this unit can also have remote functionalities for pulling the line in and out.

Final Verdict

All things considered, when it comes to pulling your heavy items such as ATVs or perhaps some wild game, then an excellent suggestion for you at such a point in time would be to invest in a power winch for your unique needs. We help you to make informed choices and an excellent recommendation for your unique pulling needs at such a point in time would be to start of with this Champion Power Equipment 3000 lb winch. Simply put, this unit provides well over 3000 LB of pulling power and a broad spectrum of auxiliary features to enhance your pulling needs as well. Therefore, this power winch qualifies as the ultimate addition for outdoor enthusiasts.

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