How to maintain winch properly

maintain winch

After using your winch, sometime your winch gets very little attention. Although it saves you and your ATV or UTV. Generally the cables not properly cleaned or washed out. Although there are a few simple steps can make wonders to your winch and keep your winch smooth and battle worthy for the next mishap.

1) Connection of Your Battery

Your battery connection needed to check thoroughly and see the cables are attached correctly with it. The battery should be cleaned and by doing switch to this your winch will get proper power. Also make sure that your solenoid is in proper working condition and stop of being damaged.


2) Cable of your winch

As you should aware that steel cables of the winch become worn after using it frequently. Don’t touch the cables just after dragging your vehicle with it or using it some other purpose. Always you should protect your hands with gloves otherwise it might hurt your hands. The cables of your winch should be checked frequently. If the cables are not in a good shape, then it is always good to change the cables.

3) Winding your winch properly

The winch is normally we use to pull up something. It might be your ATV or anything. You might notice that the cable is binding or winding up twisted on the drum. When this does, it will take much more space on your winch drum and cause your steel cable damaged. If you ever get into this situation, pull your winch cable from the drum and keep cable only for two wraps. After that you should attach your winch cable to a solid type of object and reside the machine in a neutral position. Make your winch cable to reel position. During this process, you should always use heavy gloves. Also keep your hands away from the winch few feet.

These simple but useful practices help to maintain your winch properly, even if you find the mud is deeper than before.

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