Keeper Corporation KT 2000 winch review

Keeper Corporation KT 2000 winch review





If you are looking for a portable winch suited for entry level buyers then the Keeper Corporation KT 2000 winch has excellent value. It is ideal for UTV/ATV, Vehicle trailers and generic winch applications. It brings superior power and reliability.

This utility winch is designed to meet the highest standards in keeping with Keeper Corporation’s motto for superior performance and strength.


Keeper Corporation KT 2000 winch Review

Let me discuss on this winch in more detail in the following review article.

It is highly durable, and gets the job done quickly and safely. Being built on a full industrial scale and yet designed for recreation, it's simple to use. This Keeper Corporation KT 2000 Winch review will look at all the important things, and answer your question about whether this is the right winch for you.

The Trakker Winch is a great outdoor partner which helps you find your way out of any situation.

1. Portable Winching Power: It is equipped with a 1 HP electric motor and a 50’ long 5/32’’ galvanized rope wire, which are responsible for its superior performance. The wire is attached with a heavy-duty hook.

It has a 2000 pound pulling power and is the highest performing 2000 pound winch in this price range. The 12 volt DC motor coupled with an all metal planetary gear makes up for its excellent pulling speed and power whether you are outdoors or just in a shop.

2. Pull and Turn Free Spool Clutch: It has a very fast line speed so that you can winch, stow your cable and be on your way.

It has a hand saver snap that can be attached to the hook of the winch. This makes it easy to manually pay out the wire rope while engaging the free spool clutch.

It also comes with a dynamic braking system that can stop and also hold the fully loaded cable, so that you can keep it where you need it until you can move it again.

3. Mounting Plate Included: It can be easily mounted even in cramped spaces due to the side mounted drum. It also keeps the footprint down. These mounts are blasted with metal bead and then coated with powder.

The metal bead blasting gives them the best possible finish preparation. The powder coating gives it its supreme durability.

It comes with winch mounting hardware and a flat mount plate, however, a receiver mount hitch and mounting kit is not included. Several mounting options are possible because of the remote switch.

4. Handheld Wired Remote with 5.5’ Lead: It includes a convenient and integrated heavy-duty handheld remote switch.

The pendant style remote is great for operating snow plows. It also lets you operate the winch by standing away at a safe distance from it while the winch is being used which allows for more safety just in case the galvanized cable should snap.

It also has a power in power out operation. The remote also has a 5.5 feet wire length for a single line pull.

Here are some of the things you would love about this winch and some of the things are not as good.


  • Has a circuit breaker which acts as a protection against short circuits
  • Has a 20% longer operating life
  • Can be used off-road and in-shop
  • Convenient to operate
  • Very economic
  • Suitable for all ATVs, UTVs, Trailers or industrial use
  • Fast line speed
  • Easy to install due to color coded wiring


  • Requires an extra roller fairlead
  • Mounting kit not included
  • Not suitable for overhead lifting
  • A Bit Noisy
  • Motor may back up a bit under the load of a cable
  • Not suited for heavy-duty jobs

Frequently Asked Questions

So, do you have any questions about this Keeper Corporation KT 2000? Here are some of the common questions and the answers.

Q: Can it be plugged with a wall outlet?

Ans: It shouldn’t be plugged with a wall outlet. It is only compatible with 12 Volt DC supplied by a battery or an AC-DC converter. It can work with something like a car battery. There are four holes under the cable spool for the bolts to go through. However the mounting should be done on a flat surface.

Q: Can the cable be replaced with a nylon strap?

Ans: You might use a nylon strap; however, the cable is tied to the drum through a small hole and secured by a set screw. Hence if you want to attach the nylon strap, you will need to come up with a way to attach the strap to the drum and several winds of the strap will be required.

Q: Does the winch lock well?

Ans: Yes. It can hold up to 2000 pounds of dead weight. However, it can be better utilized by mounting in the bed of your pickup. For its size, this one can hold every bit of the payload rating that is given in the product description.

Final Verdict

The Keeper Corporation KT 2000 winch is offered at an absolutely unbeatable price and keeps up the legacy of the Trakker winches with its performance, dependability and durability. If a super-strong heavy winch is not what you are looking for this one does the job well for you with a very predictable rate of lift and lower. If you are looking for a winch that could take care of all your worries - this might just be the one you were looking for.

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