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ATV winch Ultimate Buying Guide

In the last decade, ATV winch has become hugely popular. They can be used for various activities in the fields where there is frequent hauling or hoisting activities being carried out. Not only can these ATV winches haul loads, but they can also help you get out of a sticky situation. Without them, you might not be able to pull your vehicle when it gets stuck in mud.

ATV winch Buying Guide

How to Choose the Best ATV Winch?

Remember to look out for the following when you decide to purchase an ATV winch:

  • Rope material:

These winches can come in steel cables or synthetic ones. While the steel ones tend to be stronger, they can be fatal to everyone around, if used in situations which are too extreme for them to handle. The synthetic ones are less durable and are considerably light. So choose the one that best suits your needs.

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How to maintain winch properly

maintain winch

After using your winch, sometime your winch gets very little attention. Although it saves you and your ATV or UTV. Generally the cables not properly cleaned or washed out. Although there are a few simple steps can make wonders to your winch and keep your winch smooth and battle worthy for the next mishap.

1) Connection of Your Battery

Your battery connection needed to check thoroughly and see the cables are attached correctly with it. The battery should be cleaned and by doing switch to this your winch will get proper power. Also make sure that your solenoid is in proper working condition and stop of being damaged.

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