Superwinch LT2000 Winch Review

Superwinch LT2000 Review





Have you ever tried pulling out a car that fell into a ravine? What is the first thing that came to your mind? Of course, we know you are not going to pull it out with your bare hands.

If your car has ever gone bad and you have to tow it to an automobile shop then you would probably know what I am talking about, or if you have actually tried hauling that heavy stump out the back of your house, you would also know what I mean. With the SUPERWINCH LT2000, you would have no worries taking that stump out, towing your car home and lifting stuff that you would want to but can't.


Superwinch LT2000 winch review

Let's discuss on this winch in depth. 

Things to Consider Before Buying the Product

On my way out one day, I was held up in traffic that was caused by a tractor that was spoilt partially blocking the road. Efforts were made to lift it off the road, but getting the right winch to lift it was not an easy task.

It was either the tractor was too heavy or the winch was not strong enough to lift it. Sometimes you would want to do stuff at home but stop midway probably because of a load you can’t bring in or out.

Do you want a winch safe enough for you to use around the house, capable of lifting stuff weighing as much as 2000ibs strong, super lightweight and irresistibly affordable?

Moreover, includes a one-year warranty for defects in materials and workmanship as well as electrical components. Recommending the SUPERWINCH LT2000 to you is so not a bad idea.

Superwinch LT2000 winch

What you need to think about before buying this product?

  • How efficient will it serve you
  • What’s your budget
  • What do you want to use it for
  • Strong and easy to use
  • No installation is required
  • Has accessory for switch upgrade switch
  • Super lightweight
  • Kits for the switch upgrade comes separately
  • You might be spending a few extra bucks
  • Kits for the switch upgrade comes separately
  • You might be spending a few extra bucks

Features and benefits


Lightweight? Yes. Nevertheless, it is super strong, weighing 11.9pounds and lifting weights of about 2000ibs. 1.0 hp (0.8kW) motor with a 2,000 lb pull rating and circuit breaker protection makes it Suitable for use in workshops, around the house and for any vehicle. If you have always needed something smaller than the usual, affordable and of good quality id recommend this product.

Easy connection and maximum performance

It Features 49 feet of 5/32" wire rope (3.9mm x 15m) for powering loads in and out. In addition, a Gear ratio of 153:1.Pull and turn free spooling clutch. Its circuit breaker is protected making it safer during use. In addition, Heavy duty latched hook with rope thimble, for maximum and efficient performance.

Dynamic Braking

Safety should always be an important consideration with any piece of machinery or any other stuff. let’s say getting a generator set, we would want to test it to be sure that its safe enough to be used either at home or anywhere else. With this in mind, the bi-directional action of the Superwinch LT2000 ATV winch features dynamic braking of the winch drum to provide the variety of stopping power needed for each job you want to be done.


Q. Can I power loads in and out with the remote?

A. Yes, you can. It has power in and out knobs on the remote control, making it easier and safer for you.

Q. what do I need to install it

Ans. Luckily, no installation is required, so I would not worry about that if I were you.

Q. can I detach the hand handled remotely

Ans. This winch does not come with a remote, but It comes with a handlebar mounted switch. However, if you need one, you would have to get it directly from the manufacturer.


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Weighing 27.1 pounds compared to the Superwinch LT2000, the auxmart 12vdc Works better for recovering car/boat/multi-Purpose utility trailers. And has a Working Voltage of 12V Maximum Capacity, Waterproof motor, and an amazingly good performance Heavy duty braking system, I will advise that before you purchase the auxmart 12vdc you verify and confirm that this kit is suitable for your vehicle because it fits mostly for 4x4/4WD Off-road vehicles, SUVs/ATVs/UTVs, modified vehicles, tractors.


The Safstar 2500ibs dc comes with a corded remote controller with power in and power out the functions and a free cordless remote controller (double). In addition, the automatic braking in the drum will lock the wire rope and stop pulling when you release button on the switch. However, you should know that it does not require the use of batteries, well-built and strong automatic braking system. In addition, it is completely affordable, it's automatic braking in the drum will lock the wire rope and stop pulling when you release button on the switch.


Costing higher than the Superwinch LT2000, The x-bull 3000 ATV winch kit has a Three-stage planetary gear system designed for fast line speed and sure hold. Corrosion, Resistant, and Automatic load — holding braker to guarantee you maximum safety and a 9.2metres HIGH TENSILE STEEL cable Power in and power out for positive load control.

Final Verdict

Getting the right winch to get stuff done, ranging from pulling heavy stuff in or out, towing your car, pulling your boat to safety and a whole lot more is like getting the right partner to work with on a super crime case. The work is easier because you do not have to do it all alone. Work is faster too as the stuff you can't get done are easily taken care of. The Superwinch LT2000 is one partner durable and of true quality to work with.

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