Superwinch LT3000 Review

Superwinch LT3000 Review





For most outdoor enthusiasts and those who work in the realms of the construction world, you are never quite sure when your ATV or your pickup truck could be called upon to save the day. On one outing, it may be to pull another ATV that is stuck in rugged terrains or perhaps to freeing your pickup truck that is buried in the mud. For this reason, equipping yourself with some of the top quality winches that are available in the consumer market might just be the best investment for your needs. An excellent example would be the Superwinch LT3000 that is constructed with a low amp, permanent magnet motor to provide the ultimate power performance for your unique outdoor needs. Besides that, this winch is also an excellent solution for ATV snowplow applications and it comes with a rugged full metal stage planetary gear train.


Whom this Superwinch LT3000 designed for?

This super winch is the ideal addition for those who need an all-purpose, compact and highly versatile winch for their unique needs. In particular, it makes an excellent addition to construction workers that need a durable and ample sized winch that can provide long-lasting results. By the same token, it also makes an excellent investment for outdoor enthusiasts who want a winch that not only provides solid performance but impressive affordability as well.

Rated line pull of 3,000 pounds

Perhaps the most important features of this super winch LT3000 is that it comes with a rated line pull that is capable of supporting well over 3000pounds. As a result, whether you are driving a large or small ATV, you can be sure that this super winch is the ideal solution for your unique needs. Best of all, this line pull is designed to provide sufficient resilience for any towing conditions especially outdoor RTVs.

Roller fairlead and mounting plate and handlebar mounted rocker switch and handheld remote

Further lending to the superior design features of this Superwinch, is that it comes with a well-positioned fairlead that controls the movement of the line pull, thereby stopping it from moving laterally. The fairlead is also used to mitigate the effects of the straight run of a line from rubbing or vibrating on another surface, consequently reducing the effects of friction. The mounting plate makes it simple to attach to the surface of your chosen automobile.

Permanent magnet motor

More importantly, this super winch also comes with a sealed circuit breaker and sealed solenoid to provide reliable, safe and electromagnetic power, thereby making it ideal for any weather conditions. Users will also appreciate the inclusion of the rubberized remote switch with 12-inch lead to allow for safe distances in between the automobiles. Furthermore, this also helps to enhance the positioning between the winch and the user during off vehicle use.

Mechanical and dynamic brake

Best of all, the LT3000 features a dynamic braking, mechanical and 100% automatic load holding to reduce any chances of wire rope slipping. To be specific, the mechanical and dynamic brake is designed to reduce control the tension of the rope as a safety feature. Unlike the conventional towing winches that are susceptible to power failure, this unit is designed to mitigate such effects and also to provide efficient stopping of the drum for added convenience.

ATV in Action
  • This super winch is simple to use
  • It has been designed for long lasting towing results
  • This unit comes with various safety features
  • It comes with a special fairlead to control the motion of the cable
  • It's can only pull an average of 3,000pounds items
  • The LT3000 takes time to set up safely


  • Rated line with a pull capacity of 3,000 pounds
  • Roller fairlead and stable mounting plate
  • Sealed low amperage permanent magnet motor
  • Includes both handlebar mounted control mechanism and handheld remote
  • Mechanical and versatile brake

Buyers Guide

Choosing the ideal super winch for your unique needs often comes down to the weight of the item you want to pull and your specific winching needs as well. To be specific, choosing your ideal winch is not just a case of considering the weight of your automobile; you may also have to consider the functionalities of a winch and the forces used in extracting the stuck vehicle. At a bare minimum, it's important that you settle for a winch that can provide pulling forces that are well over twice the weight of your automobile. More so, the type of winch is affected by the application and the functionalities of the winch. In Particular, a battery system is more efficient and provides better power management for winching systems. However, while the electric models tend to be simpler to install, there is a wide range of winch models to choose for your unique needs. For those who work in the outdoors where there are mud, water, and sand, choosing a winch that has superior quality internal components has its inherent benefits. Simply put, you are sure that your unit is free from any compromisation caused by such elements thereby providing long-term functionalities.

Common mistakes buyers make

When it comes to buying winches, it’s important to note that many buyers often think too small. In fact, when it comes to pull, they often end up damaging the winch by providing it with a larger load than its recommended capacity. More so, some users may also choose units without sufficient safety features, therefore make them difficult to use. In fact, since most winches are placed under high tension, this can often lead to injury or damage when used inappropriately. Some buyers may also make the mistake of buying winches without evaluating their unique applications.


The first important solution to consider would be that you have to invest in a unit that provides sufficient pulling power for your unique needs. Some of the common units may fail to pull the heavier RTVs or automobiles thereby leading to damage to the motor. An excellent recommendation would be for you to settle for electromagnetic motors over the hydraulic and the electric motors. This is because the electromagnetic batteries have alternating current thereby making them highly efficient when it comes to power delivery. However, while the hydraulic and the electric motors may be ideal for some towing instances, they don’t provide the same capabilities as the magnetic motors. Additionally, it’s imperative that you choose a winch that incorporates the appropriate safety design features to help you mitigate the effects of forces under high tension. Another important factor for you to consider is that you choose a winch that suits your unique applications such as for construction or outdoor purposes. In this way, you are sure of no buyers remorse due to poor choice making when it comes to selecting the ideal winch for your towing needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Kevin Pitman asks: Will this LT3000 winch fit on a 2015 Honda Rancher TRX independent rear suspension?

Ans: Yes, however, you may need to buy an additional mounting kit to fit this winch to your Honda TRX.

Q. Nancy Drew asks: Does this unit provide back and forward power on the cable, or its only free the wheel out and pulls power in?

Ans: It is power in and out and it's slow in operation. However, I must warn you that when your power out cable seems like it may tangle, it may be easier to pull out to maintain the tension from damaging the unit.

Q. Does the LT3000 come with a universal mounting plate?

Ans: Yes, it comes with a flat mounting plate that is bolted on to the unit with bolts to provide optimal pulling stability.

Final Verdict

Given all these points, when it comes to selecting the ideal equipment for your unique needs, it's important that you make informed choices each time. In this case, the Superwinch LT3000 is an excellent addition for towing activities due to its special design features and impressive affordability. Some of the excellent features include the Mechanical, dynamic brake along with the pulling capacity of well over 3000 pounds. The highly versatile features that are available on this unit make it ideal for a broad spectrum of towing applications. Therefore, with the LT3000, you are sure of receiving

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