Superwinch Terra 35 Review

Superwinch Terra 35 Review





In work and play, do you ever find yourself in a mud where you need something to pull you out, literally? How about a winch? A winch comes in handy in many situations. Many men find a winch to be a necessary component in their tool shed or garage. You want a high quality, top of the line winch. Not a winch that makes a lot of noise, constantly gets stuck, or can't handle much weight. Superwinch Terra 35 is a pretty good option.

From reading thousands of winch reviews and investigating every winch we could, we have found the Superwinch Terra 35 to be one of the best. It is available in different sizes to pull different weights. Here we will gladly extend our research and provide you with the Superwinch Terra 35 Review.


The Superwinch Terra 35 should be owned by a variety of men. This super winch is especially useful for pulling ATV's and items of that nature out of sticky situations. Many people that need to haul equipment using their ATV or haul it into their truck bed need a winch. As mentioned, there are hundreds of reasons to own a winch. If you're a man who works with his hands or owns acres of land, you need no further explanation.

Superwinch Terra 35 Features

These combined features make the Superwinch Terra 35 like no other winch that you will ever own.

Synthetic Rope

The rope is made from AmSteel Blue Synthetic Rope that won't slice or cut your hands like other winch ropes do. The synthetic rope does not break, get stuck, or rust. It's made to last long and can handle pulling or hauling the heaviest of loads. You couldn't ask for a better-made winch rope. It can pull an object 7 feet per minute helping you to get the job done fast. It measures at 3/16" thick and it's 50 feet long to help you get all hard tasks done in a cinch. The drum is specifically designed for use with a synthetic rope.

ATV winch

All Steel Planetary Gear Set

The all-steel planetary gear set is known to be the strongest gear set available for a winch. With enough power, it can handle even the largest of loads. This gear set is two times as wide as any competitor on the market making it better and longer lasting than any other around.

Remote Control

Included with the Superwinch Terra 35 is a handheld remote with a 10-foot cord and a rocker switch. Hook the winch on to the necessary item and get out of the way. Using a handheld remote enables you to be out of harm's way and not in the face of danger as you are hauling large objects or pulling items out of ditches or other danger zones.

Powerful Mechanisms

The Terra 35's has a sealed 1.6 horsepower permanent magnetic motor. It features mechanic load holding and automatic brakes. These powerful mechanisms combined makes the Terra 25 one of the best pound per pound winch performers in the business. It is powerful able to haul and pull you out of any obstacle you may come across.


• The Superwinch series is completely sealed so it is waterproof.

• The gear set is greased for more torque and to be longer lasting.

• Able to pull up to 3500 pounds of heaviness out of any tough situation,

• Customer service is excellent, helping you with any problem.

• Comes with a lifetime warranty.

• Easy to install, it comes complete with step by step instructions.


• Quite possibly need a winch mount plate kit for installation which is not included with purchase.

• Some instructions were printed with the wrong wiring information. If you happen to get one of these instruction guides call Superwinch immediately

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Does it come with a mounting plate for installation?

Yes, it comes with a universal mounting plate. Most mounting plates are vehicle specific. It is recommended to purchase a mounting plate separate for the vehicle you will be using it on. A universal mounting plate is not the best.

2. Are all the wiring accessories included with purchase?

It comes with all the wiring needed for installation plus a rocker switch.

3. Would a steel cable be better than a synthetic rope?

Never. Over time and after being used for awhile, a steel cable will fray. That means you will cut and metal pieces will stick you when you grab the cable. Once you use a nylon synthetic rope you will never want to use a steel cable again.

Final Verdict

The Super winch Terra 35 is one of the best winches on the market. If you constantly need a winch or ride ATV's and 4 wheelers, you will get into some sticky situations. The Terra 35 SR will get you out of any tough spot you seem to get yourself into. IT's easy to install and comes with all the necessary installation equipment. Although it is recommended to buy a mounting plate for the ATV or truck you will be using it on. The planetary gear set, remote control, synthetic rope, and 1.6 horsepower make the Terra 35 a force to be reckoned with in this industry.

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