WARN 78000 RT-15 Winch Review

WARN Rugged Terrain RT Winch Review





A million times over people had complained about the different problems they encountered with winches that they used and it never meant a thing to me until I started my own company. In my company, pulling heavy weight stuff is our specialty. It's inevitable. It's a daily activity and of course can't be done manually, unless you're a heavyweight champion and willing to be hired. And no I'm not hiring, so I use a winch and frankly not very good ones. Been using winches for a while now and I've been changing for almost every quarter hoping that I'll find one to use that'll be the perfect one.


My experience was a really tough one and you really don't want to go through it, I mean If only I had the Warn 7800 winch at the time I wouldn't have told be jumping from one technical issue to another, I'd have little or no problems, an efficient workshop, and fast money rolling into my company rather than out of it. And so if you're having the same problem and going through struggles that have been difficult to tackle then this article is just for you.

WARN-78000-RT-15-Winch in action

In this article, I've carefully described this product giving all the information that you'll need. I am very sure that after reading this review you'll consider getting this winch and keeping it even if it's just for collection.

This tool is ideal for boat owners, ranch or farm owners, truck owners, or those who wish to use it for commercial purposes. Anyone without the technical know-how of this tool should not be in control of it or even found close to it, just to reduce the possible damages.

WARN 78000 RT-15 Winch review

​Let's discuss this winch's feature and pros and cons.....

What is the Warn 78000 winch?

Electrical system: The 78000 winch manufactured by the Warn Company is a tool perfect for pulling stuff with heavy duty capacity for instance trucks. The amazing fact here is that it works by an electrical system despite its battery inclusion. Connect this tool to a source of electricity and you're good to go.

Brake and Gear:

This tool has a three stage gear train, effective electrical system, disc brakes that prevent it from going backward, and a motor sealed to keep elements away from it.

Rope Capacity:

With a steel rope of 50’and a weight of 16.8 pounds, this product is a superb one but the 78000 Winch is preferably used on smaller ATV’s, smaller sports quad that has their operations below 350cc. The 78000 has a capacity of 1500lbs or 680kg, it's used mostly on a rugged terrain. This is also a good tool for plow lifting.

Battery system:

This awesome winch has a battery that doesn't easily run out because of its electrical system. However, if the electrical system doesn't work the battery lasts about 12amp/hour. With no load, it's a 15ft/min low-speed but with full load, it's a 5ft/min low-speed


The instructions are easy to follow so it makes it easier for you to install.

It's very powerful and very fast.

It comes with tools for installation.

It's very smooth and safe for use.

It is also very affordable.

Suitable for rugged terrains

Can be used by farm or ranch owners


l Could break easily; you might want to use once in awhile.

l The electronic stay could fail sometimes.


Q. Does the Warn 78000 come with a mounting kit?

Ans: no it doesn't, you'll have to buy a kit that'll suit your ATV and the warn winch.

Q. Does it have a rigging strap?

Ans: yes it does.

Q. How do I go about wiring it?

Ans: just follow the instructions in the manual.

Q. Does the 78000 winch come with wiring required for its electronic system?

Ans: it comes with the required wiring, a handlebar switch and also a roller fairlead that has lots of wiring.

Final Verdict

For most folks having a winch is not really big deal for them until their truck gets stuck in sinking sand or something worse. I say: why wait for the worse to happen before you prepare to handle it. For the sake of possible occurrences as such, ensure you have a winch and not just any, get you a warn 78000 winch that will solve any problem that involves pulling heavy duty machines, trucks, boats or even in your ranch. The benefits you stand to gain are way beyond what my words can describe. Yes, you'll have to try it for yourself. And it's not like it doesn't have any flaws, it does but not as much as the benefits. So get yours and put your troubles to rest.

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