Warn Pullzall Winch Review

Warn Pullzall Winch Review





Are you in search of a portable utility winch that is available in both corded and cordless models? Do you need a power lifting and pulling tool that provides you with mechanical muscle, allowing you to accomplish tough tasks?

According to the Warn pullzall winch review, the unit is manufactured by Warn Industries, which engineers winches and hoists suitable for professional workers. The utility winch is designed to assist users in hauling, pulling, stretching, dragging and lifting equipment, cars and wire fences. The Warn Pullzall Winch is built for power lifting and as a pulling tool available in both corded and cordless versions.


You can count on the capabilities of the winch in helping you to pull pipes and stretch wire fences effortlessly and quickly.

Whom this product designed for?

The utility winch is good for construction work, pipe fitting, iron work, equipment, plant maintenance, auto shops, machine shops and garages.

It is also perfect for use in farms, ranches, home improvement, camping and hunting among others. Thanks to the high quality build, the winch is able to move heavy machinery, hoist an engine block and even lift heavy loads in place.

It is easy to use and portable, enabling one to carry it from one location to another without difficulty. This Warn pullzall winch review will give you a clear idea in order to make a decision.  

So, whom is the product designed for?

a. Professional workers

b.Machine shop owners


d.Garage owners

e.Farm workers

f.Ranch owners




Corded and cordless

When using the winch in a machine shop, a garage or a plant, then you have access to a power source. Corded version is the best model to go for. It is powered by 24 volt DC and does not have a rechargeable battery. The cordless model is powered by 120V/230V/1200 W AC power which recharges the NiMH battery pack allowing the utility winch to use in the field where a power source is not available. You can recharge cordless version PullzAll winch car charger and continue providing the much needed assistance in the field. This will help you tackle labor intensive chores easily.


The corded winch weighs 6.8 kg while the cordless winch weighs 8.2 kg. This makes the unit portable and transported from one location to another with ease. If you are working in the field away from the closest power source, you can bring the mechanical muscle of the portable cordless winch with you.

It can also be transported to your cabin, your hunting locations and other job sites. You can finally count on the power of the winch to help you stretch wire fences and pull pipes quickly and effortlessly.

Electronic load limiter

Both models have an electronic load limiter with an LED indicator. It also has a variable speed trigger to built to power in and out of an operation.

The LED load indicator is engineered to provide useful feedback to the user during lifting and pulling.

It also helps to prevent overloading thus eliminating any chances of the unit overheating and being damaged during operations. Thanks to this feature, users are able to get the job done faster and with less manual labor. Unlike the chain fall, the winch is designed to make workers to be productive.

Versatile swivel anchor hook and durable wire rope

The versatile swivel anchor hook is to built to hold onto a load securely allowing the winch to pull or hoist the load effortlessly.

It has a swiveling function designed to prevent the cable from twisting and becoming damaged.

The durable wire rope has a length of 15 feet making it suitable for stretching wire fences, hoisting an engine block and pulling pipes among other tasks.

The winch is complemented by available accessories for example the sling. It is constructed with high grade nylon and is able to lift up to 1000 pounds.

This helps users to lift large and bulky items for example oil and chemical drums.

A rigging kit is also available which has two 1 inch by 48 feet rigging straps rated to 5,000 pounds. It also contains two D shackles that have 1,000 capacity.

These are available in a durable carry bag that provides space for all tools in one convenient location.


  • Has a variable speed control trigger with a forward and reverse control button suitable for allowing exact movements
  • Built with an LED load indicator designed to provide useful feedback
  • Has an electronic load limiter that prevents overloading
  • Available in both corded and cordless models
  • Available in camouflage, orange and red colors
  • A replacement rope is available as part of the accessory pack. It is constructed of galvanized steel so it can resist corrosion. It measures 15 feet by 7/32 inches.


  • Has a short duty cycle which means it gets hot very quickly
  • Cable is short at only 15 feet so it will be unsuitable for other tasks.


1. What are the dimensions of the corded and cordless models?

The corded model has the following dimensions – 20 inches length by 12.50 inches width by 13.25 inches height. The cordless model has the following dimensions – 20 inches length by 12.50 inches width by 13.25 inches height

2. How much do both – corded and cordless models – weigh?

The corded model weighs 6.8 kilograms (15 pounds) while the cordless model weighs 8.2 kilograms (18 pounds). The cordless model is much heavier than its counterpart because of the rechargeable battery pack.

3. What amperage is the cordless model rated at?

The cordless model is rated at 1200 watts at 120 volts. This means it draws 10 amps of current during operation.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to moving heavy machinery, hoisting engine blocks, pulling pipes, stretching wire fences and lifting other loads, human effort cannot be able to accomplish these tasks. Thanks to innovation and high quality engineering, professional workers and other users have access to the Warn PullzAll winch. It is the go tool for machine shops, garages, farms, ranches, hunters, campers and even firemen. It is highly portable yet powerful thus accomplishing the above tasks effortlessly. Several accessories are available, for example the sling, the rigging kit, the rigging cable and the car charger. The car charger can plugged into the cigarette lighter of your car and will charge the 24 volt NiMH battery pack for your cordless winch. This ensures that you don’t run out of power when working in a remote location. All these accessories are designed to extend the usability of the unit. I highly recommend the winch to all shoppers in need of mechanical muscle.

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